A cold shower to wake me up, last minute toiletries packed in my carry on, peanut butter toast carried in the car and gobbled up one hour after taking my Malaria pill, all before the sun peaks over the endless ridges of the Rocky Mountains.  

It's another day at work for me and I can't believe how lucky I am.  Off to Brazil to begin a tour with Mickey's Magic Show.  The rest of the cast is by now hopefully in the hotel in Sao Paulo, but because of bad weather in Denver two nights ago, I've been delayed until today and will be traveling solo.  A bit of a snag, but after traveling for a while you come to expect hiccups like this and hope that because you've been handed one snafu, fate will lay off for the rest of your trip.  

Although my mother is a little anxious about my Columbian layover, I'm counting on my pantomime skills and dumb luck to get me through.  Plus there's always the ghost of Spanish lanugage knowledge tucked away from my high school days that may come to life if I'm in survival mode...still it wouldn't hurt if you crossed your fingers for me!  Tchau America!