Although going to a traditional English pub doesn't differ too much from a night at a local watering hole in the states, here are a few tips to keep in mind before visiting England's oldest inn, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.

1. You must order food/beverages from the bar tender or risk looking completely silly and awkward by sitting in a dark corner booth waiting for someone to come around and take your order.  And as Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem has several hidden, cavernous corners it is very possible that no employee will walk past for quite a while to help you realize this.  

2. If you do get into trouble, you may try to leave through one of the several escape routes into the castle.  There are two vertical passages in the inn that lead to areas within the castle walls.  These were used in the malting process when the inn was used as the castle's brewery.  This is also how ale was transported from the brewery to the castle.      

3. Definitely follow in the footsteps of King Richard's crusaders and partake in necessary refreshments.  Legend has it that Richard the Lionheart rallied his crusaders together in the inn before heading off to Jerusalem.  Old Golden Hen, a smooth amber ale, was my drink of choice.

4. Do not disturb the ghosts in the haunted snug.  Customers have claimed to experience strange things while sitting in this area of the pub, and both times I visited, it was completely empty. 


5. DON'T TOUCH THE SHIP!  Above one of the bars, there is a model ship enclosed in glass known as the cursed galleon.  On three different occasions the ship has been cleaned by people who have died shortly after in strange circumstances, and because of the superstitions, has not been touched in fifty years.   

In all honesty, all of this talk about ghosts, fearless crusaders and haunted galleons is a load of hooey made to impress the many tourists who come to Nottingham.  If you want to know the truth of Nottingham and hear the entertaining ballads of Robin Hood, take a tour with Ade Andrews, the "Robin Hood of modern society".  He can be found many days near the Robin Hood statue in front of Nottingham castle, or email him at