Hooray I've found delicious food in China!  For dinner last night, a group of us ventured to a shopping and dining area a few blocks away, and decided on a place called Hot Pot.  At this restaurant, your waiter or waitress brings you a bowl of steaming broth, with floating spices, dates, and yumminess which is placed in the center of the table where there is a stove top service that heats the bowl's contents to a rolling boil.  Then your party orders plates of fresh vegetables, meats and tofu which you drop into the hot pot.  After a few moments the food has soaked up the deliciousness of the broth and is cooked and ready to eat.

This was definitely that best meal I have had here by far.  And together with a beer and water, the price was about $4.25 a person!  You can imagine my excitement.  

Then today I discovered a place to go when I'm missing American food...Pizza Hut.  Although it doesn't quite compare to the Huts in the states (especially with deep fried squid on the menu) I do have to say that the supreme pizza I had for lunch was quite tasty.