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The chance to be lost, the chance to loose

Posted by Megan Roney on Thursday, May 27, 2010, In : Transportation 

Between stretches of grey, brick walls and dark thunderous tunnels, our train breezes past the hilly countryside of Nagoya's outskirts at 300 K.  As the track descends a somewhat steep hill covered in bushes resembling cauliflower, I feel my stomach slowly creep up into my throat.  Despite it's speed, the train is incredibly smooth, rocking only so slightly as to lull several of it's passengers to sleep.  

A business man wearing wire rimmed glasses nods off and on between sleep as his cell pho...
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Tricky Traffic

Posted by Megan Roney on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, In : Transportation 

Pedestrians Beware: You do NOT have the right of way when crossing the street in China.  Who does, you ask?  Well, that is certainly debatable, but when I’m crossing the street it’s definitely that vehicle that is rapidly approaching without any intention of slowing down, despite the clearly lit WALK sign.

In China, the traffic lights count down to the change of the light.  Sadly this does not ail any impatience that drivers may have, because they usually just ignore the light all tog...
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Megan After a while of traveling in foreign countries, you begin to realize that it's not just your luggage that can get lost. When you don't speak the language, you loose your ability to speak. If you can't decipher the written word, you loose your ability to read. And if you can't read the signs to know where you're going, you yourself can get lost. It can be a bit overwhelming, and at times humiliating, but I'm sure even Odysseus experienced frustration on his adventurous travels. This blog is my account of my travels. Hopefully, my blunders will assure others that they are not the only ones lost in translation.

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