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A Tooth Story

Posted by Megan Roney on Monday, February 6, 2012, In : Everyday Life 

“Something’s not right with my tooth,” Jarred told me a few days after arriving in Tampico, Mexico.  He cranked open his jaw and I got a good view of the gaping hole in one of his top molars where a filling used to be.  

We asked at the front desk and surprisingly there were two dentists with in walking distance of the hotel.  Only one had a website which said i...

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Chinese food in Russia

Posted by Megan Roney on Tuesday, December 22, 2009, In : Everyday Life 

On our way home from work, our bus trudges over the snow covered bridge across the Neva River, St. Petersburg’s main waterway.  Looking quite different from the swiftly rushing river it was just days ago, the water is now at a complete standstill, jutting up in frozen ridges across the bumpy surface.  

A member of our security team told me the other day that we are lucky we’re visiting during the off season because when the river is thawed, the bridges are only kept down for a certain ...

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Megan After a while of traveling in foreign countries, you begin to realize that it's not just your luggage that can get lost. When you don't speak the language, you loose your ability to speak. If you can't decipher the written word, you loose your ability to read. And if you can't read the signs to know where you're going, you yourself can get lost. It can be a bit overwhelming, and at times humiliating, but I'm sure even Odysseus experienced frustration on his adventurous travels. This blog is my account of my travels. Hopefully, my blunders will assure others that they are not the only ones lost in translation.

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