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Slamming on the breaks in Scotland

Posted by Megan Roney on Sunday, June 24, 2012, In : In Flight Stories 
I was feeling pretty down on my flight to Aberdeen after reading an article in the Lufthansa magazine in which various celebrities from Jane Goodall to Jamie Oliver of Food Network's the Naked Chef shared their feelings on what our world will look like in 2050.  They spoke of the loss of species, destruction of the environment and starvation and dehydration.  Not exactly the lightest reading.  

So I sighed in relief and awe as our plane broke through the clouds and we hovered for landing over ...
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Window Seat

Posted by Megan Roney on Sunday, June 24, 2012, In : In Flight Stories 
I love sitting in the window seat.  It's a different world up here and there is something exhilarating about watching as the plane dives and dips into the white mist of clouds.  From up here, the world looks as I feel it seems now, after traveling for so long, small.  It no longer feels as though I'm leaving my country, but more going back to another part of my world.  

In the days leading up to my departure to join this European tour I was afraid of leaving the comfort and happiness I found w...
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About Me

Megan After a while of traveling in foreign countries, you begin to realize that it's not just your luggage that can get lost. When you don't speak the language, you loose your ability to speak. If you can't decipher the written word, you loose your ability to read. And if you can't read the signs to know where you're going, you yourself can get lost. It can be a bit overwhelming, and at times humiliating, but I'm sure even Odysseus experienced frustration on his adventurous travels. This blog is my account of my travels. Hopefully, my blunders will assure others that they are not the only ones lost in translation.

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