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Megan's Guide to a Night Out at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Pub

Posted by Megan Roney on Wednesday, July 18, 2012,
Although going to a traditional English pub doesn't differ too much from a night at a local watering hole in the states, here are a few tips to keep in mind before visiting England's oldest inn, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.

1. You must order food/beverages from the bar tender or risk looking completely silly and awkward by sitting in a dark corner booth waiting for someone to come around and take your order.  And as Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem has several hidden, cavernous corners it is very possib...
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Yokes on You

Posted by Megan Roney on Sunday, July 1, 2012,
I seem to be a magnet for stains here in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Traveling for a year with only two suitcases, which I practically packed with lots of American snacks and toiletries and very few clothes, does drastically limit my wardrobe.  And after just one week I've managed to stain the majority of clothes.  It's actually verging on a running practical joke, and I'm beginning to just get used to it and/or ignore it.  

The latest stain I received at breakfast today when I began peeling what I t...
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About Me

Megan After a while of traveling in foreign countries, you begin to realize that it's not just your luggage that can get lost. When you don't speak the language, you loose your ability to speak. If you can't decipher the written word, you loose your ability to read. And if you can't read the signs to know where you're going, you yourself can get lost. It can be a bit overwhelming, and at times humiliating, but I'm sure even Odysseus experienced frustration on his adventurous travels. This blog is my account of my travels. Hopefully, my blunders will assure others that they are not the only ones lost in translation.

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