After spending the majority of the past week confined to either the hotel or the theatre across the street, Jarred and I ventured out on our first official day off to see a bit more of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  We didn’t want to wander too far, as we were still feeling the effects of last night’s round of caipirinhas, Brazil’s official cocktail made with lime juice, sugar and a Brazilian distilled liquor called cachaca. 


Luckily about five or six blocks from our hotel we stumbled upon Dr. Fernando Costas park. 

From the second we stepped foot onto the gravel path, I could hear chirps, coos, clucks and caws of every type of bird imaginable.  Hens and roosters roamed throughout the park, and climbed up into the branches of the tall palms to rest for the night.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Later on we crossed paths with a beautiful blue and green peacock who was out for an evening stroll. 


We walked down the main path of the park and were dwarfed by majestic Amazon rainforest trees. 


Between the trees men and woman relaxed on large platforms, resting in the calm breeze alongside beautiful calico stray cats. 


The tranquil atmosphere of the park seemed to seep into each person who walked among its trees.  It almost felt as if the rush of traffic in the busy Sao Paulo was miles and miles away.  However it was still obvious that we were still in Brazil, especially when a couple embraced below a tree and proceeded to display a high level of public affection. 


We wandered further into the park and passed street stalls selling sugar cane juice, popcorn, ice cream and other treats.  Jarred bought a coconut and we sipped its sweet milk through a straw while watching a few kids kick a rubber ball around in an empty soccer field.  It was nice to see kids laughing and enjoying something so simple. 


As the light of the day became dim, we followed the sounds of guitars and voices singing, and found an impromptu concert with spectators gathered in a circle around the musicians.  Jarred wrapped his arms around me and we watched and listened as several people joined in, singing and clapping along.  It was a perfect way to spend our first day off together in Sao Paulo, Brazil.