At last this year my Christmas dream has come true

The holiday with the family, and my SO Jarred too!


We flew back from the DR, Jarred’s nerves in a stitch

Hoping meeting the parents would go off without a hitch.


5 hours in the airport with his poor stomach in knots

Too preoccupied with first impressions to even play the slots.


But I was there the next morning, to pick him up with a smile

Knowing my parents would see he’s just my style.


We hung around Denver, visiting my favorite haunts

The library, the coffee shop, and cookie place that taunts.


Jarred made his famous salsa, and nachos we did make

Before Nathaniel left us for the mountains, to man the frozen lake.


The next day I sent X-mas cards, and we went to the grocery shop

But midway through our browsing, I got a call from pops.


Nathaniel’s car had kicked the bucket, the engine about to erupt

And Dad was on his way to Denver, in the mini van to pick us up.


Nathaniel braved the drive down the mountains, and made it back ok

But not wanting to take any chances, in the parking lot it would stay.


The trip to Grandma’s was quite long, with many stops along the road

The car lot, Taco Bell, and a bathroom break to lighten the load.


We even popped by the trading post, to search around a tad

And to my delight I found Jarred the perfect Christmas plaid.


We were nearly to Grandma’s, where we knew chicken noodles would be waiting

And more family members to greet, eager to meet the guy I’ve been dating.


The treats would be delicious; like Karen’s rolls, yummy with lard

And I couldn’t wait to see the inflatable X-mas décor in the neighbors yard.


We rolled into the driveway, and I was very sad to see,

The front window was bare without a Christmas tree!


Introductions were made all around, and we sat down to eat

I told Jarred to pile noodles on his potatoes, a meal that can’t be beat!


Jarred settled into the den, his own manly fort

But my guy was just too tall, and the bed a little short.


Christmas Eve was quite busy; everyone had to pitch in

And all day you could hear squeaking coming from the kitchen.


I tried to keep my distance, not wanting to get in the way

So I went outside to practice skate boarding in Grandma’s driveway.


My coach taught me some new skills, I mastered turning on the lawn

But I’ve had my share of accidents, so I kept my helmet on.


Later that day we dug in the basement, and put up the plastic tree

We even found the “Captain Morgan” Santa, with his elbow on his knee.


Jarred donned his Christmas flannel, and we headed off to church

With his head in the Bible the whole service, he did a little research.


Of all people to single him out, the sound guy approached him with vim

And leaned in near and said, “You’ve got to eat something, Slim.”


Grandma sat next to me through the service, and sang all the hymns proudly

Then complained that the pews weren’t too comfy (maybe a little too loudly).


Back at Grandma’s we sat in the living room, where the chairs are much more pleasant

And watched as Grandma opened the first of the Christmas presents.


Fluffy blue pjs she received, and after opening them she said,

“Well my dears, I think I’ll go to bed.”


The rest of us stayed up late, giggling like kids playing hooky

 Playing Scategories and giving silly answers, our favorite was “nut cookies.”


When we finally crawled in bed, it was technically Christmas morn

And we only had a few hours of sleep before family began calling on the horn.


We skyped with the McGowans in Michigan, and Lisa down near the Keys

And even got a tour from Kate and Sarah of the McGowan home in BC.


We opened our Christmas stockings, unwrapping enough loot to fill a boat

Italian coffee, a funny hat for Nathaniel, and for Jarred a vintage navy P coat.


Special gifts came from Aunt Karen, thick books of family heritage

Stories from the past all covered with Nathaniel’s creative image.


As I flipped through the pages, the many poems and letters caught my eye

Such wit and humor on each page, and I thought, “What a talented family have I.”


And how glad I was to introduce them to such a wonderful man

The one who keeps me calm, and always lets me hold his hand.


Once every present had been opened, and wrapping lined the floor

We started to prepare for dinner as Dad began to snore.


Cured ham and roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole

It was quite the production, but the meal was worth the toil.


After we’d packed up the left over morsels, a rousing game of trivia began

In which Mom asked, “Is it tu-kin or too-can?”


It seemed that with the new edition, true trivia questions were rare

Despite being a bit out of his league, Dad was sure “Timberlake was there.”


On the day after Christmas I finally made my famous fudge

I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but Lara gave me a nudge.


We also made more Chex Mix, a whole heaping stack

So Grandma would have a treat for her next midnight snack.


When it was time to leave Grandma’s, the van was full to the brim

So we headed out blindly, waving to Grandma and Karen with a grin.


Back in Denver the boys went to Gov’s to watch the game and have a beer

And I hoped for the sake of our noses of the draught beer, they would steer clear.


In true sisters tradition, Lara helped me pack my bag

I wasn’t looking forward to leaving and my feet began to drag.


That night as we watched Christmas VHS tapes of yore

I wised I had more time to spend with these four. 


But it’s back to the grindstone, down south of the border

At least I’ll have my guy, my Jarred to keep me in order.


It’s been a great Christmas, and as I fly out of sight,

I’ll send you all a happy new year with all of my might.